Smell the Foam Finger

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19: History of cheerleading

December 16, 2018

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How cheerleading got its start in American football and spread to basketball. We also discuss the not-great labor practices of the NFL toward its cheerleaders, and how the NFL is handling the sadly recurrent issue of players committing domestic violence.

The drinking of the beer

We enjoy the labors of Ballas Point Brewing Company and both stick to our lanes: Nic enjoys a Spruce Tip Sculpin IPA, which for some reason isn’t on the Ballast Point website, though the regular Sculpin IPA is. Hmm. Tom follows his bliss into sourness with a Sour Wench.

Also, Ballast Point, the age check on your site is super annoying. An “Are you over 21?” checkbox is enough. And I do wonder what kind of lunatic verifies their age with Facebook?