Smell the Foam Finger

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17: We watch football!

November 18, 2018

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The boys watch the Nov. 17, 2018 Syracuse versus Notre Dame college football game at Yankee Stadium in New York City and talk about it as well as the history of television presentation of football.

Well, the pieces of game that protruded through the relentless, horrifying barrage of commercials.

The drinking of the beer

Tom blows Nic’s mind with the idea that they should drink a different beer from the same brewery to satisfy their different tastes. For this episode it’s Saint Archer Brewery from lovely San Diego, CA.

Nic enjoys a Hazy IPA while Tom continues to dabble in fruits with a Peach Gose, a beer Saint Archer did not see fit to feature on their website for some reason.

The pictures of the action

As promised in the episode, here are pictures of some of the things we saw on the screen.

Split screen ad A split screen ad.

Augmented reality is a thing Notice how the players seem to be above the 1st & 15 pin on the field. That’s some good augmented reality work, right there, especially as it’s generated on the fly as the game is progressing.

Also notice the custom logo for this game to the left and the Notre Dame uniforms that were created for and will only be worn for this particular game.

The score bug The continually updating score bug showing who’s playing, their national rankings, the quarter, the game clock, the play clock, and the status of the play. Plus the network logo, of course.

The score bug is your friend. Only the score bug cares about you.

The score bug with time outs Each team gets three time outs per half even though the game is played in quarters. Pinches nose and tries to accept this fact. The score bugs knows all and shows how many time outs have been used.