Smell the Foam Finger

Learn about the history, culture, and reality of American sports.

12: Professional wrestling

September 9, 2018

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Is professional wrestling even more American than NASCAR? We can’t decide. But that’s what episode 12 is about. Get ready to boo and cheer as we discuss the history of the sports entertainment that is wrestling.

We also discuss Nike’s new ad campaign featuring Colin Kaepernick and brand advertising in general. Nic vents his frustration with Sylvester Stallone’s career decisions, and recommends watching the most 80s movie out of all 80s movies, Cobra, a movie that haunts his neon dreams.

The drinking of the beer

Due to scheduling conflicts we ended up recording this episode on a Saturday morning, and as Nic needs the sun to be above the main sail before imbibing, he consumes tasty Perrier sparkling water, while Tom proves his sports fan mettle by consuming and greatly enjoying a Firestone Walker 805 Ale.