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June 29, 2018

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A short follow-up from the last episode on the WNBA about Becky Hammon, a WNBA star who became the first female full-time salaried coach in any of the big-four sports, and an explanation of what the term redshirting means in college sports.

Brace yourself: This is the last episode for the season! Smell the Foam Finger will be back in August rested and refreshed.

For this episode’s drinking of the beer, Tom goes a bit avant garde with a Big Blue Van from College Street Brewhouse in Lake Havasu, AZ. Nic stays conservative with a Pale Ale from Sierra Nevada.

Nic misremembered: Richard Hammond learned to drive an F1 car, not an F3: Richard drives a F1 car round Silverstone - Top Gear - BBC - YouTube