Smell the Foam Finger


Smell the Foam Finger is a bi-monthly podcast about American sports. A new episode drops every other Sunday evening Pacific Time.

Your hosts are Tom Denne and Nic Lindh.

Nic knows very little about sports but finds the excitement it generates fascinating. Tom is a sports junkie with a somewhat frightening knowledge of American sports, so he explains how it works to Nic.

Tom Denne

Tom Denne

Tom will talk your ear off about all things baseball (and American sports in general, but still doesn't understand the appeal of soccer), bourbon, television theme songs, and the Marvel and Star Wars cinematic universes.

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Nic Lindh

Nic Lindh

Nic is a general-purpose nerd who grew up in Sweden and became a naturalized American citizen in 2006. He reads a lot, especially sci-fi, fantasy, and history. He listens to a lot of podcasts.

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If sports just isn’t your thing but you’d like to find out about that part of life’s rich pageant, or if you live somewhere else in the world but are interested in the sports you keep seeing in American movies and television, tune in and let us—well, Tom—get you up to speed.


The hero image is Dodgers Stadium, by Tom Denne.

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